National Library Week! April 7-13, 2019

“…by thus clubbing our books to a common library, we should, while we lik’d to keep them together, have each of us the advantage of using the books of all the other members, which would be nearly as beneficial as if each owned the whole.”
From Ben Franklin’s Autobiographyfranklin2

And thus began America’s first lending library, paving the way for public libraries across the nation.

Thank you, Ben! That idea caught on so much better than your revised alphabet!  My local library system provides endless resources, inspiration, and a plethora of children’s books for me to explore. To celebrate, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY! 2 copies of AN INCONVENIENT ALPHABET! Read on for details…

What can you do to celebrate libraries and librarians? 

  • Thank a librarian.
  • Explore your library’s resources.
  • Volunteer at your local library.
  • Borrow a book. (make that books – who can choose just one?!)
  • Donate gently used books to a place where others might enjoy them. (like a little free library, food pantry, shelter ….endless possibilities)
  • Post a review of a favorite book on bookseller or library sites to assist others making book choices.
  • Share a favorite book with a friend.
  • Make plans to attend a book launch in your area.
  • Join your local Friends of the Library.
  • Read a book to a child. Read it again. 😊

Here are some great kids’ books about libraries and books.


Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of AN INCONVENIENT ALPHABET. Tell us what you love about libraries.

You can also enter to win on Twitter. Just retweet my tweet of this post for a chance to win.

On April 14, I’ll randomly draw one winner from blog comments and one from Twitter retweets.

(US addresses only, please.)

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