An Inconvenient Alphabet, Ben Franklin & Noah Webster’s Spelling Revolution

ALPHA cover

Written by Beth Anderson
Illustrated by Elizabeth Baddeley

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books | 48 pages | ISBN 9781534405554
September 25, 2018

Ages 4-8 | Grades P – 3

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Do you ever wish English was eezeeyer to spell? Ben Franklin and Noah Webster did! Beth Anderson and the New York Times bestselling illustrator of I Dissent, Elizabeth Baddeley, tell the story of two patriots and their attempt to revolutionize the English alphabet.

Once upon a revolutionary time, two great American patriots tried to make life easier. They knew how hard it was to spell words in English. They knew that sounds didn’t match letters. They knew that the problem was an inconvenient English alphabet.

In 1786, Ben Franklin, at age eighty, and Noah Webster, twenty-eight, teamed up. Their goal? Make English easier to read and write. But even for great thinkers, what seems easy can turn out to be hard.

Children today will be delighted to learn that when they “sound out” words, they are doing eg-zakt-lee what Ben and Noah wanted.


Learn about the inspiration HERE.

Take a look at Ben Franklin’s proposed alphabet: in his Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces; in Smithsonian HERE.