Beth Anderson has always been fascinated with words and language—from sound and meaning, to figurative language and point of view, to cultural and scientific aspects of language. After earning a B.A. in linguistics and a M.Ed. in reading, she taught English language learners for more than 20 years. That classroom community taught her valuable lessons as she advocated for students and encouraged them to share their voices. Surrounded by young people from all over the world, with literature as her favorite tool, Beth was fascinated by the power of books to teach, connect, and inspire.

Encouraged by her elementary school teachers, Beth carried with her the itch to write. Practicing with poems, plays  and puppet shows, then stories and memoir pieces… through Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Connecticut, Georgia, Texas, and into Colorado, that itch followed her. In 2013, she began her journey writing for children. Combining her love of  writing with the joys of discovery and learning, she found her niche with narrative nonfiction and historical fiction picture books.

To Beth, writing is mining. It’s digging deep inside for special memories, emotions, and meaning. It’s burrowing into history for inspiring characters and moments that change the course of events. It’s delving into the how and why and what if, and connecting the past to the present. Then the search for just the right words begins – words that will create voice, bring characters to life, and reveal the heart of the story. Shine the light. Discover the gems. Shape and polish, polish, polish.

When she’s not writing, she might be weaving, gardening, exploring nature, or playing with her grandkids. Born and raised in Illinois, she now lives near the mountains in Colorado. Beth believes in laughter, learning, and investing in young minds. And…that truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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Beth Anderson’s work is represented by Stephanie Fretwell-Hill of Red Fox Literary.

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