Beth Anderson’s fascination with language first appeared in playful poems, scripts, and stories. In time, she appreciated the power of figurative language, point of view, and had to admit there was a thrill of discovery even within the agony of research papers. Then cultural and scientific aspects of language were added to the mix, leading to a B.A. in linguistics and a M. Ed. in reading. Soon after, she discovered her niche and taught English as a second language for more than 20 years. Surrounded by young people from all over the world, with literature as her favorite tool – well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

All those years, she carried with her the itch to write. So in 2013, she began her writing journey – researching the industry, joining critique groups, and honing her skills.

To Beth, writing is mining. It’s digging deep inside for special memories, emotions, and meaning. It’s burrowing into history for inspiring characters and moments that change the course of events. It’s delving into the how and why and what if. Then the search for just the right words begins – words that will create voice, bring characters to life, and reveal the heart of the story. Shine the light. Discover the gems. Shape and polish, polish, polish.

Who would expect a kid born in Chicago, raised on a tree nursery, and interested in the world’s cultures to be a miner? Well…it all depends what you’re looking for!

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Beth Anderson’s work is represented by Stephanie Fretwell-Hill of Red Fox Literary.


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