Pies from Nowhere

Here’s a book I just became aware of and wanted to share as a Perfect Picture Book Friday recommendation. It’s the story of how one person can make a difference, about an unsung heroine, about the people behind the scenes of social change.  Title: Pies from Nowhere: How Georgia Gilmore Sustained the Montgomery Bus Boycott … More Pies from Nowhere

Most Wanted: The Revolutionary Partnership of John Hancock and Samuel Adams

I’m popping in with a “perfect picture book” on Saturday. I’ve found a history sister in Sarah Jane Marsh. Her energetic writing brings fascinating detail and humor to the page, bringing to life a nugget from history. And I love that she’s found a way to share historical tales in a longer form of picture … More Most Wanted: The Revolutionary Partnership of John Hancock and Samuel Adams

Old Rock (is not boring)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post for Perfect Picture Book Friday. Here’s a new picture book that caught my attention. It’s creative nonfiction or possibly informational fiction—it’s hard to determine the lines these days—combining the fun of fiction with the joy of science.  And…Thanks to all who participated in the Everyday Hero Giveaway … More Old Rock (is not boring)

We Are the Change

Here’s an essential picture book for everyone—black and brown and white, young and old, now and forever. A beautiful and powerful collection. Title: We Are the Change, Words of Inspiration from Civil Rights Leaders Written by: Harry Belafonte (introduction) Illustrated by: Selina Alko, Alina Chau, Lisa Congdon, Emily Hughes, Molly Idle, Juana Medina, Innosanto Nagara, … More We Are the Change

Madame Saqui: Revolutionary Rope Dancer

What child hasn’t pretended to be a circus performer? Taming lions! Walking tightropes! Flying on the trapeze! Today, for Perfect Picture Book Friday, in the center ring, all the way from France, in the midst of a revolution, with captivating illustrations and the wonder of well-chosen words….I give you Madame Saqui! Title: Madame Saqui: Revolutionary … More Madame Saqui: Revolutionary Rope Dancer

Wood, Wire, Wings

Get ready for Women’s History Month! I’ll start you off with this week’s pick for Perfect Picture Book Friday, about a woman I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of!  But first, it’s time to announce some winners in the giveaways…..  Winner of Beautiful Shades of Brown from Nancy Churnin…Patricia Tilton! Winner of Patricia’s Vision … More Wood, Wire, Wings

Patricia’s Vision

Another Perfect Picture Book for Black History Month and Women’s History Month! It’s exciting to see so many excellent books for kids about people that have changed our lives and provide outstanding role models. Today, a peek at the the inspiring story of Dr. Patricia Bath by Michelle Lord.  MICHELLE LORD HAS GENEROUSLY OFFERED A GIVEAWAY!!! … More Patricia’s Vision