The Writing Journey: Opportunity!

This blog is my effort to share children’s books, insights and processes of authors and illustrators, ideas for educators and parents, and a range of writing related topics. Today I offer a PSA for a learning opportunity for aspiring, beginning, and “on their way” authors—a free seminar which answers many of the big questions about writing for children.

But first… Congratulations to Patricia Tilton , winner of a virtual visit with Keila Dawson!


When I first started this writing journey I had a lot of questions! I mean A LOT of questions! So much to learn. So much to understand about the industry and process. It was difficult to know where to start. But what’s hardest sometimes is to actually start.

So here’s some encouragement…

Along with an opportunity!

One of the amazing things you discover when you get involved with the kid lit community is the tremendous level of generosity in sharing information and guidance. I benefited from so many kind children’s book authors who answered my questions and helped me find my way. (And I learn more with every guest’s blog post!) Now, I’m excited to be a part of Rosie Pova’s Top Shelf Picture Book Seminar in which she interviewed fifteen creators of children’s books. Access to tips, experiences, and take-aways from fifteen different points of view offer a range of information for anyone considering or in the midst of navigating the author journey. The questions she asked me are some of the big questions I was asking when I got started. Throughout this journey, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to take advantage of every possible opportunity, because there’s something to be gleaned from each one.

Each day throughout the week of March 6-12, Rosie will share several interview links via email with those who have registered for the seminar. The content will be available for two weeks following the event. The seminar is free. And you make it fit your schedule. It doesn’t get much easier!

Here’s the lineup…


Speakers_all_social media GRAPHIC

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