Especially for Educators: “Write to Persuade the USPS—Deborah Sampson Deserves a Stamp!”

As an educator, I always appreciated opportunities to connect learning objectives with real world action. And when those also connect to literature and an inspiring piece of history, even better! That’s why I was excited to hear that there’s a Forever Stamp campaign underway to honor Deborah Sampson. (And…we’re heading into Women’s History Month!)

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Write to Persuade the USPS—Deborah Sampson Deserves a Stamp!

by Beth Anderson

This is a chance for students to participate as citizens, learn a bit about U.S. Postal Service stamps, take action in response to reading, use a letter format, and practice persuasive writing. Multiple objectives, crossing curriculum!

First, the HISTORYIMG_1819

CLOAKED IN COURAGE: UNCOVERING DEBORAH SAMPSON, PATRIOT SOLDIER is the story of an amazing woman who broke barriers and served in George Washington’s Continental Army. Growing up as an indentured servant as the call for independence was raised, she declared her own independence at age eighteen and set out to blaze her trail in the world. She dared to enlist, posing as a man. Sampson served with integrity and excellence for seventeen months before being discovered. The back matter has more fascinating information on this remarkable woman, including a section on being a historical detective.

Next, a little CIVICS

Students can learn a bit about how the United States honors historical and cultural heroes, contributions, and events with stamps. This webpage details criteria for choosing subjects, the process, and how the public can participate.


Here you can teach letter format, as well as persuasive writing. I’ve provided a basic letter template. You can add the school address at the top for a formal business letter.


Sampson has been honored with a statue, battleship, and, in 2021, the Deborah Sampson Act—legislation to protect and support female soldiers and veterans.  BUT, she’s never been featured on a postage stamp. Drawing on the history and what they know about her, students brainstorm reasons why the USPS should issue a stamp in her honor. Then they choose their top three to use in a letter.

Note: In order for the USPS to consider Sampson, the letter must include a reference to the upcoming 250th anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution.

cloaked stamp strip
Send your letters to:

Stamp Development

Attn: Citizens’ Advisory Committee

475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300

Washington, DC  20260-3501

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 2.02.58 PM
I hope you’ll join in the Deborah Sampson ‘Forever Stamp’ Campaign or consider other deserving heroes and events that qualify for and deserve to be celebrated with USPS stamps.

I’d love to hear from you and celebrate your students if you participate in this special stamp campaign. Please share on social media and tag me, or drop me a note! #DeborahSampsonStamp

Click here for the download: Deborah Sampson Forever Stamp Campaign: Real World Persuasive Writing!

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AND here’s a new Educator Supplement for FRANZ’S PHANTASMAGORICAL MACHINE—Assembling the Pieces: Connecting STEM and Language Arts which appeared on Patricia Newman’s blog LitLinks. 

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10 thoughts on “Especially for Educators: “Write to Persuade the USPS—Deborah Sampson Deserves a Stamp!”

    1. One of the experts I consulted in writing the book let me know that they had started this campaign so I wanted to share the effort with teachers and students so they could put their persuasive writing skills to work to honor Deborah Sampson. 🙂


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