Countdown to the RESTLESS WRIGGLE!

One month until TAD LINCOLN’S RESTLESS WRIGGLE gets loose!


Hope for PATIENCE.  


School is starting, and kids everywhere are getting to know each other. So let’s get to know Tad Lincoln. 


To view the BOOK TRAILER, download an EDUCATOR’S GUIDE, and learn more about TAD LINCOLN’S RESTLESS WRIGGLE, click HERE



TAD LINCOLN’S RESTLESS WRIGGLE: PANDEMONIUM AND PATIENCE IN THE PRESIDENT’S HOUSE releases October 5!  Now available for pre-order at a bookseller near you and Amazon • Barnes & Noble • • Books a Million 

For signed copies of my books, visit Old Firehouse Books HERE, or Boulder Book Store HERE.




12 thoughts on “Countdown to the RESTLESS WRIGGLE!

  1. I checked out your educator’s guide and I love it, Beth. I’ve also preordered your book. Having lived in Illinois all my life, I have a great fondness of anything that is related to Abraham Lincoln and his family. I can’t wait to read your new picture book. Congratulations!

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  2. Love your character “interview” sheet! I’m originally from “the land of Lincoln,” so I have fond memories of the carved butter Lincoln seated next to a butter cow in the dairy building of the state fair in Springfield. And I love the story of Tad and how he holds a special place in Lincoln’s heart. Looking forward to reading this book!

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  3. Beth,

    I love the “All About Me” by Tad Lincoln – ingenious!!!

    Would you mind if I reference it in my “resources” section of the #PPBF review?



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