King Louie’s Shoes

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday! Here’s a totally fun picture book with a bit of history, perfect for short people and shoe-lovers everywhere!

king-louies-shoes-9781481426572_hrTitle: King Louie’s Shoes
Written by: D.J. Steinberg
Illustrated by: Robert Neubecker
Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster, 2017, historical fiction
Suitable for ages: 4-8

Themes/topics: shoes, being short, being yourself

Louis the Fourteenth was a very big king.

Synopsis:  (from
King Louie was a very BIG king in all ways but one: He was five-feet-four-inches short. So Louie and his royal cobbler cooked up the perfect high-heeled solution to help Louie appear taller. But after an embarrassing tumble (on the dance floor, no less!) Louie learned that his subjects were loyal no matter how big—or how shrimpy—their beloved Louie might have been. Readers young and old will relate to this silly and sweet story of King Louie XIV—a man who had it all, but still felt small.

Activities and Resources:
Everyone “put your right foot in.” Compare and contrast shoes.
Categorize shoes in various ways.
Look at the history of shoes. How have they changed?
Write about your favorite shoes – use the point of view of the shoes.
How might a shoe solve a problem? Design a pair of shoes that solves a certain problem.
Character Traits: How can you “act big” from the inside?
Research other child rulers. What problems did they have? How did they solve them?
What are some advantages of being short?

Why I like this book:
Shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? Well, actually, the story is about more than footwear – it’s about feeling small. And kids certainly can relate to that – trying to appear big when the reality is…they’re short. And when people are expecting big things from a king, that’s even harder.  The text and illustrations are pure delightful. The back matter is kid friendly and interesting. I love books that combine history with a great sense of humor. (warning: Grandparents – it may cause flashbacks to the 1970’s)


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