How to Survive as a Firefly

Today for Perfect Picture Book Friday, a SNEAK PREVIEW for another terrific title coming August 29th!

First, a disclaimer: I’m in a local critique group with Kristen and have watched the progress of this manuscript from the start. But I think it’s fair to say, even if I didn’t know her, I’d be recommending this book.

Don’t miss Kristen’s “Mining for Heart” post next week!


Title: How to Survive as a Firefly 

The Innovation Press, 2017

Written by: Kristen Foote

Illustrated by: Erica Salcedo

Suitable for ages: 5-10

Themes/topics: fireflies, life cycle

Up and at ‘em, larvae. Time is ticking!
Eyes on me! I’ve been in the trenches for a year and a half now, and I’ve learned how to survive the hard way. Lucky for you, I’m here to teach you everything you need to know to get from egg to adulthood. You’ve got a long way to go, so let’s get this whole metamorphosis process started!

Brief synopsis
How to Survive as a Firefly provides a unique take on insect science that will entertain and educate in and out of the classroom. Full of opportunities for extended learning, this book includes fun facts hidden throughout the hilarious illustrated story – and after, a glossary of important terms and some real photos of fireflies. If you’ve ever wondered how these fascinating beetles grow and glow, and you like to laugh while you learn, this book is for you!

Activities and Resources:
• Use one of the sidebars as a springboard into research.
• Writing: As one of the larvae characters, choose one of the stages of metamorphosis and write a journal entry from a day in your life.
• Genre: Creative nonfiction relays factual information in a creative way. Choose one spread to examine, make a T chart, and list elements of fiction and nonfiction from the pages.

Why I like this book:
It was such an honor as a member of Kristen’s local critique group to see this manuscript undergo its own metamorphosis, from the spark of an idea to beginning drafts to multiple revisions to publication. We knew when she started working on this story that it was special.

In this work of creative nonfiction, the science comes through loud and clear, delivered by unique firefly characters through snappy dialogue and an assortment of sidebars containing fun facts. The illustrations are irresistible, especially the commander firefly with bushy eyebrows and his extra set of arms. The book is super fun, and kids will come away with a new appreciation for these fascinating insects and a basic understanding of metamorphosis, bioluminescence and other great science concepts.

Back matter includes photos, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Glossary.

This is Kristen’s debut picture book AND the first in a series. Her second picture book, How to Survive as a Shark, will be out September 26th.

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A Junior Library Guild Selection

You can visit Kristen’s website HERE

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