I Need My Own Country!

When injustice abounds, declare independence! Happy 4th of July!


Title: I Need My Own Country!
Written by: Rick Walton
Illustrated by: Wes Hargis
Bloomsbury 2012
Suitable for ages: 4-8
Lexile: AD250
Themes/topics: getting along, government, siblings

Opening: There comes a time in all kids’ lives when they need to create their own country. When this happens to you…

Brief synopsis (from worldcat.org)
When in the course of childhood events, it becomes necessary for one (small) person to create a separate and equal hiding spot to which the laws of growing up entitle them, the truth will be self-evident: they should declare their very own country! Full of tongue-in-cheek instructions — Make your own flag. Your own currency. Your own laws. This picture book offers a hilarious lesson in junior civics that shows every budding future-president exactly how he or she can create a very special place all their own.

Activities and Resources:
Create your own country – name, flag, rules, etc.
Symbolism: Choose a symbol for your country. Explain the significance.

Why I like this book:
Many aspects of government are brought to a level than any child can understand, including laws, elections, entertaining dignitaries, settling disputes, and much more. Being in charge involves a lot of responsibilities—some good, some bad, and some difficult. The humor hits on varied levels, making the story pleasantly re-readable. Walton’s microcosm easily relates to the real world.

Visit author Susanna Hill’s Perfect Picture Books for a plethora of picture books listed by title and topic/theme, each with teacher/parent activities and resources.

3 thoughts on “I Need My Own Country!

  1. Funny and cute idea most moms can relate to for ourselves… But while “your own space” is one thing, “your own country” is an oxymoron… Just sayin’ 😉

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