Giant Squid

In honor of the earth and all its phenomenal creatures, a gorgeous introduction to one of the mysteries of the deep for Perfect Picture Book Friday.


Title:  Giant Squid
Written by:  Candace Fleming
Illustrated by: Eric Rohmann
Roaring Brook Press, 2016, nonfiction
Suitable for ages: 6-10
Lexile: 1060
Themes/topics: giant squid, oceans, marine life, animals

Down, down in the depths of the sunless sea, deep, deep in the cold, cold dark, creatures, strange and fearsome lurk.

Brief synopsis (from
The giant squid is one of the most elusive creatures in the world. As large as whales, they hide beyond reach deep within the sea, forcing scientists to piece together their story from those clues they leave behind.

An injured whale’s ring-shaped scars indicate an encounter with a giant squid. A piece of beak broken off in the whale’s belly; a flash of ink dispersed as a blinding defense to allow the squid to escape– these fragments of proof were all we had . . . until a giant squid was finally filmed in its natural habitat only two years ago.

Activities and Resources:
STEM Teaching Guide 

Why I like this book:
Lyrical science! The words ebb and flow like the tentacles of the giant squid in the ocean depths. Bit by bit the mystery unfolds. Bit by bit we see the monstrous creature and learn about its tentacles, beak, eye, propulsion, and habits. But scientists don’t have answers to all our questions, and so some remain a mystery…

Awards for Giant Squid:
American Library Association Notable Book
Cybils Award for Elementary Non-Fiction 2016
Charlotte Zolotow Honor Book
Chicago Public Library Best Books of 2016
Horn Book Fanfare 2016
NCTE Orbis Pictus Honor Book
NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books 2016
Robert F. Sibert Informational Honor Book 2017
Wall Street Journal Best New Children’s Books

Visit author Candace Fleming HERE.

Visit author Susanna Hill’s Perfect Picture Books for a plethora of picture books listed by title and topic/theme, each with teacher/parent resources.

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