Pies from Nowhere

Here’s a book I just became aware of and wanted to share as a Perfect Picture Book Friday recommendation. It’s the story of how one person can make a difference, about an unsung heroine, about the people behind the scenes of social change.  Title: Pies from Nowhere: How Georgia Gilmore Sustained the Montgomery Bus Boycott … More Pies from Nowhere

Behind the Scenes: “Being the 1st Is Not Enough”

Being the 1st is not enough.” I’ve heard these words from editors who probably receive way too many picture book manuscripts about someone who did something first. Authors scramble to uncover inventions and accomplishments, discoveries and honors, breakthroughs and court victories. Being first is commendable and implies individual greatness, but it’s not always interesting, engaging, … More Behind the Scenes: “Being the 1st Is Not Enough”