Howard and the Mummy

Perfect Picture Book Friday digs deep today…into the past. Find out how one budding archaeologist followed his passion to uncover King Tut. 

9781466898639Title: Howard and the Mummy, Howard Carter and the Search for King Tut’s Tomb

Written by: Tracey Fern

Illustrated by: Boris Kulikov

Farrar Straus Giroux, 2018

Suitable for ages: (not really 4-7) more like 6-12

Themes/topics: discovery, mummies, Egypt, perseverance


Howard Carter adored mummies. He got to know one quite well when he was a boy in England. Howard often visited a nearby mansion that was stuffed with a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts: carved coffins, mysterious scrolls, magical statues, and – best of all – a marvelously shriveled, semi-decayed mummy.

Overview: (from
Howard Carter was obsessed with mummies. He met his first when he was a boy in England and lived near a mansion filled with Egyptian artifacts. Howard dreamed of discovering a mummy himself—especially a royal mummy in its tomb, complete with all its treasures. When he was seventeen, he took a job with the Egypt Exploration Fund and was sent to Egypt to learn about archaeology and excavation sites. And his mummy hunt was on! Howard discovered many amazing artifacts, but he searched for years before coming upon the most famous mummy of all, King Tut.


Activities and Resources:
American Museum of Natural History, Educator’s Guide: Mummies

The Discovery of King Tut, Teacher’s Manual 

Kids Discover unit on Mummies 

Why I like this book:
Despite the longer than usual picture book text, the pace of the story moves along through time from Howard’s childhood dream to its realization much later in life. His perseverance over the years and eagerness to learn is evident, and the fun of his slightly quirky character comes through. The story details his attention to detail and scientific approach to excavating King Tut’s tomb that is so important in archaeology. The engaging text and illustrations are perfect for all those kids who are interested in mummies, ancient Egypt, and the science of digging up history.


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6 thoughts on “Howard and the Mummy

    1. I’ve learned that some “age group” notations by publishers are more about shelving than content. So many new nonfiction titles are given 4-8 and are more like 6-10 in reality. Hope you enjoy the book!


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