An Inconvenient Alphabet – Cover Reveal!

ALPHA cover

WooHoo! I’m thrilled to share the cover as “our” book steps out into the world with its ISBN number and (soon) listings in cyberspace! A picture book is a collaboration, and there are so many people who have contributed to this: Stephanie Fretwell-Hill, my agent who found the right editor; Sylvie Frank, the editor who found the perfect illustrator; Elizabeth Baddeley, the AMAZING illustrator who brought the story to life; and Paula Wiseman and her team at Simon & Schuster, including Chloë Foglia, who did the jacket design.

The official release date, September 25, is still months away, but the first review is in…

Everett, age 8: “I love your book!” (This was unsolicited, though you will find his name in the dedication, along with a few other dear ones.)

So, now begins the next leg of this journey and the anticipation of getting it into the hands of kids and teachers!


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