Of Home and Gratitude

What a perfect time of year!
What a perfect place!
What a thrill to do my first school visit where my writing journey began – at Woodview Elementary School in Grayslake, IL!

Last Friday, while visiting family in the area, I returned to the school where I attended 2nd through 5th grade, oh so long ago. While the school and I have both grown and changed, I remain connected. That’s where I discovered the joy of writing, where I learned that it was a strength, and where teachers provided the spark that would lead  me to follow that creative path.

That path began with simple poems, plays, and puppet shows in third, fourth, and fifth grades. I wish I could thank you in person, Mrs. Dasher, Mrs. Pester, and Mrs. Reinheimer. But since I can’t, it was truly an honor to pay it forward.

Many thanks to the staff and students of Woodview for inviting me to share An Inconvenient Alphabet, with one of my 5th grade memories from that room at the end of the hall right in the back matter!

You never know where life will take you!


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